Italian pair win Rainbow Nations Challenge Tennis Tourney

By Gabriel Amoakoh
Italian pair win Rainbow Nations Challenge Tennis Tourney

 The Italian duo of Roberto Gariazzo and Massimiliano Panich won this year's edition of the  Rainbow Tennis Tournament held at the Accra Lawn Tennis Club.  

Gariazzo and Panich won 6-4 against US pair Craig Kennedy and Paul Pleva in the final.  

The Championship aims at raising funds for the education of Ghanaian girls in all sporting activities. 

Speaking to, President of the Ghana-South Africa Business Chamber, Grant Webber noted that the focus was on gender equality.

"We want to use sports as the vehicle and look at the girls doing various sporting events to support them. We want these girls to be able focus on their education with distractions" he said. 

He continued: "We are focusing on unlocking the door for them through education and also life after sports". 

Deputy High Commissioner of South Africa, Thanbo Dalamba also said: "I'm  impressed with the level of play by the participants, but I was very disappointed that South Africa were eliminated from the event very early. I can assure everyone here that South Africa will bounce back stronger". 

The Rainbow Nations Tournament brings together communities and to raise funds for a collective corporate social responsibility program.

The tournament also brings together the international community to promote networking and cooperation among nations from Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia.